Friday, May 30, 2014

Is it hormones, or do I just suck?

How do you know what you're good at? Or what you could be good at? I mean, I know for sure I'm a decent singer, and that I can walk 5 dogs at once. And I'm pretty good in bed. Alas, I will not be taking part in the world's oldest profession, so that's out. 

This whole week I've made several stupid mistakes in terms of my job. It's not a hard job. It's downright boring at times. My coworkers go out of their way to make sure I don't do anything too difficult. I'm basically paid to act like a functioning adult on my boss' behalf. 

I also want to cry all the time. So, it might also be hormones. Like, a homeless person just came on the train and now I feel really bad for her even though she is obviously crazier than a bag of chocolate covered xanies and has commandeered 4 seats with her stuff. But she doesn't smell that bad, and she has some dried flowers in a cup in her shopping cart. 
And now I'm tearing up. 

Excuse me. 


  1. It's easy to make mistakes when your job is not too challenging as your mind is likely for the homeless woman, congratulations, you're human - I'm just not sure the subway is a safe place to reveal that kind of vulnerability!

  2. Actually, I find any show of emotions or vulnerability scared the shit out of tourists for some reason. Need a seat on a train? Just cry.