Wednesday, May 28, 2014

In Honor Of Maya Angelou

World class woman. Icon. Fierce bitch. Prolific.

These don't even come close to encapsulating what Maya Angelou was.

She is also the prime example that sometimes you don't truly start your true career path until later in life, she not truly dedicating herself to her writing and human rights work until she was about 30.

 She also worked as a stripper. I worked as the door girl to a strip club once, so...we have that in common. She was someone that showed me it was OK to be a sexual being and that it didn't mean you had so self worth.

So thanks Maya Angelou. You give me hope that all my #adulting will lead somewhere.


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  1. Julia Child didn't start cooking until she was in her 30s. Although I have no information on whether or not she ever worked as a stripper....still, there's hope for us all! :D